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East Shores Homes

Date: 10/28/2018

From: Beckie Holt, ESHOA, Pres.

To: East Shores Homeowners


With the retirement of Isaias from duties on the board and the resignation of Tom as Vice President, this is my first official introduction as your acting president.  Shirley Harwell was voted by the board as Vice President and I as President until the next annual meeting.  Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have any issues in the community.  

On a more current note, there have been beavers active in the community for the lakeside residents.  Tom Mitchell has had a number of trees taken down by the beavers the last few nights.  I myself had a few trees lost last year.  Be on the look out. But the best prevention seems to be chicken wire at the bottom of the trees. They like crepe myrtles and maples apparently.  Trapping has been done on the lake in the past according to Denny, but they come back anyway. So prevention in your own yard, like with the deer might be the best thing to do.

Hope your holiday season is a good one.

Rebecca (Beckie) Holt 

East Shores Homes

Date: 9/24/2018

From: Isaias Arriaga, ESHOA, Pres.

To: East Shores Homeowners

Greetings all:

I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer, enjoyed the fantastic Fourth of July Fireworks celebration, and know that if you were unable to make the annual homeowner's meeting at Club Windward, you were sorely missed.  A great meal was provided, and it was good to see so many neighbors in attendance.  

Minutes of the Annual Homeowner's Meeting will be distributed under a separate email, so those not in attendance can be informed as to some of the business that was conducted.  Other than that, this newsletter will try to catch everyone up on some goings on in the neighborhood.

As it has been in the past, and should continue to be in the future, security and safety cannot be stressed enough. The Shelby County Sheriff's non-emergency number is 901-379-7625.  Please consider putting that number into your cell phones or on your refrigerator.   SCSO has assured us numerous times that resident's calls to report suspicious activity is never a bother or burden for them, and they would much rather check things out in a timely manner rather than try to piece things together hours or even days later.  Depending on the information given, their dispatch may dispatch  officer's on a routine patrol with no lights or sirens, so you needn't be concerned about disturbing neighbors needlessly.  Regarding our Canada Road and Seed Tick gates, we have residents that work tirelessly and without fanfare to keep the gates operating properly. But on occasion, parts break, or Mother Nature causes a malfunction in one of the gates.  Chances are a Board member is already aware of it, but should you notice a gate not functioning properly, don't hesitate to contact a Board member.  If it's determined that a gate will be open for a significant amount of time before it can be repaired to proper operation, the Board contacts the Sheriff's Dispatcher and arranges for increased surveillance and drive through patrol cars to traverse the neighborhood at all times of the day and night.  Additionally, these gates must be kept functioning properly for city vehicles such school buses and garbage trucks to enter our neighborhood.  The Board cannot fix problems with the gate if they are not made aware of the problem.  So, please let a Board member know if you come across a gate failing to operate properly.  

Road repairs are a constant maintenance item for the neighborhood, and the Board will continue to try and be proactive in doing not only the necessary repairs, but also whatever we can to help minimize the deterioration of our roadways.  Two things we as residents can do to help our roadways last a bit longer include 1) placing our garbage and recycling cans in the roadway on pickup day with the wheels against the curb, and the can handle curbside.  This helps keep the garbage truck farther out into the middle of the roadway, and away from the weakest part of the road, the area where the roadway meets the concrete curb.  We can also 2) insure if we have workmen at our residence, they use caution if they are using any heavy equipment such as but not limited to bulldozers, etc., especially if they are tracked vehicles.  Those types of vehicles will tear up the roadway in a heartbeat, and unfortunately, if it can be determined repairs are needed due to heavy equipment doing damage to the roadway, the HOA may try to recover those damages from the company doing the work.  So please don't hesitate to ask your workmen to use extra caution when construction is taking place, even if it means asking them to try and use smaller vehicles or wheeled vs tracked vehicles.  

Everyone should know and remember the property owner of the land just inside the Canada Road gate, and to the north of the roadway.  The property owners have been petitioning the residents of Eastshores, gathering signatures in order to join into our subdivision.  Many of you have had the opportunity to meet and speak with the Welch's, either at the annual membership meetings or privately in homes.  The Welch's have gathered the required number of signatures from the residents to have their property admitted into the subdivision, and to be governed by our covenants and restrictions.  While the property owners are no longer gathering signatures, and while the ball is now in the city of Lakeland's court, if you would like to know more information concerning the property that is being admitted into the subdivision, feel free to contact a Board member and we will try and answer any questions you might have.

We have many new residents, both to the neighborhood, and to the city of Lakeland.  As we do our fall yard cleanup, let's all remember that piles of tree limbs and other bulk waste, to include furniture and appliances, will not be picked up by the contracted weekly garbage service.  The City of Lakeland, however, will pick up this bulk waste for usually no charge, but certain requirements must be met.  For all residents, please reference the following link to get more information on bulk waste pickup.

Many residents have contacted the Board concerning vehicles and trailers being parked in the roadway for significant amounts of time.  This becomes a hazard, especially at night, and especially during low visibility times, such as rainstorms.  A reminder to all that our covenants prohibit overnight parking on the street.    

Lastly, one of our residents will be having a children's birthday party on October 13, 2018 from 1 till 5 pm at the pavilion near the Seed Tick gate.  Please use caution as there will be many children in and around the intersection of Loch Meade Dr and Loch Lotus Drive.

That's it for now. Feel free to contact any of our Board members with any concerns you may have.  You can contact any member directly through their personal email address.  This will be one of my final pieces of correspondence as I have stepped down as President and Board member of the HOA for health reasons.  Additionally, Tom Mitchell will remain on the Board, but for health reasons, has also stepped down from his position as Vice President.  The Board has chosen Rebecca Roche to serve as President and Shirley Harwell to serve as Vice President for the remainder of the term.  I appreciate the opportunity to meet many of you, and to serve on the Board , and  I assure you the entire Board is working towards the best interests of all residents of the neighborhood, and welcome your comments and correspondence.  


Isaias Arriaga

East Shores Homes

Date: 5/8/2018

From: The ESHOA Board, Isaias Arriaga, President

To: East Shores Homeowners

Greetings to all.  It's been a while since I've sent everyone an email, so I'll get right to it.  Please, there are many important bullets in this email, so please read it to the end.  Thank you in advance. 

  • Our annual membership meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 5 June, at Club Windward.  The social hour will begin at 5:30 pm, and the meal will be served beginning at 6:15 pm.  Our meeting will begin promptly at 7 pm.  This years speaker will be Dave Brown, President of the newly formed Garner Lake LLC.  For those not aware, Garner Lake is now wholly owned by the lake residents.  He will give a brief talk about why the lake was purchased, how, and the future plans for the lake.  There will be a short question period following his talk, and I know we all will learn a bit more about the management and operation of Garner Lake. 

     It's important for all residents to attend this annual meeting.  We need a quorum in attendance to conduct any business, and it's always right down to the wire as to whether we have enough members in attendance to conduct business.  While we wish everyone could be in attendance, we know some have plans that make it impossible for them to be in attendance.  We ask if you know you will not be in attendance, that you consider giving your proxy, one per household, to a neighbor or board member so that we can insure we have a quorum at the meeting.  No one resident may hold more than one proxy, so please allow enough time when assigning your proxy to another resident.

     One business item we will be voting on is some changes to the Association's bylaws.  The bylaws are merely the rules by which the Board governs and conducts it's business.  The changes to the bylaws we will be asking the membership to approve are minor in nature, but will help the Board conduct it's business in an easier manner.  They include changing the date of the annual meeting to a time earlier in the year so that it may not conflict with summer vacations as it currently does.  Another change involves lowering the quorum to 40% from the current 51%.  Again, this would make it easier for business to be conducted at the annual meeting.  We will also be asking the membership to approve changes to the methods the Association's books are audited.  A complete listing of the changes will be available at the meeting.  The Board is requesting the membership to approve all the changes to the bylaws. 

The Board members for 2018-2019 will be elected at the June 5th meeting. The bylaws allow for there to be up to 10 board members.   There are currently 10 Board members, and two have rotated off the board.  The remaining members have agreed to remain on the ballot, and currently we have two residents that have also agreed to be on the ballot.  If anyone else would like to be on the ballot, please let me know so we can get your name on the ballot. 

  • Ride of Silence

The City of Lakeland is sponsoring the Ride of Silence on Wednesday, May 16, beginning at 7 pm.  This is a bicycle ride to honor those bicycle riders that have been killed or hurt while riding, and to also raise awareness of riders on the road.  It is planned to start at Fireworks City at 7 pm, consist of a group of 20-60 riders on a route from Fireworks City, through Lakeland, and will end up at Fireworks City.  The city has asked Eastshores to allow the bicycle route to traverse our subdivision, and the board has agreed.  The group of riders will be escorted by Shelby County Deputies, will be in a tight group riding at no more than 10 mph, and will arrive at our Seed Tick gate at 7:20 pm, and should be exiting out our Canada Road gate by 7:30 pm.  We will have Members manning both gates and again, the group will be escorted by Shelby County Deputies.  The City of Lakeland will be submitting an application to be recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community later this summer. 

  • Property at Front Gate

At last year's meeting, the property owner of the approximately 15 acres extending from Canada Road to just inside our Canada Road gate expressed a desire to be included into Eastshores Subdivision.  It was stated when we had more information, we would convey that information to the residents. 

The property owner has been working closely with the City of Lakeland in order to get all of the approvals he needs to have in order to build on his property.  It is our understanding he now has those approvals.  The said property has been subdivided into three tracts.  The one tract that the property owner is petitioning be allowed to join our subdivision is an approximately 8 acre tract inside our gate, extending to approximately to the telephone pole, and down into the wooded area.  This piece of property, if allowed to join into our subdivision, would then have to abide by all of our existing covenants.  The other two remaining tracts would not be included into our subdivision, and would have to have access from Canada Road.  The tract petitioning to be included into Eastshores would only have access via Lou Jan Causeway. 

The owner of this property must gain 51% of the owners notarized signatures in order to enter into Eastshores Subdivision.  This would mean that if your property is listed as having two owners, or joint ownership, then there are two owners who could sign the form to have this property included into Eastshores.  To date, the property owner has obtained about 25 signatures.  The property owner has been invited to attend our June 5th meeting with a notary, or to provide a notary public for the purpose of notarizing signatures of those members wishing to allow this property into our subdivision. 

Again, the only property petitioning to be included into Eastshores is the piece of property inside out gate on the north side of the road, or the non lake side of the road.  If allowed into our subdivision, their only access to this property would be off Lou Jan Causeway, and they would have to abide by all of Eastshores covenants.  If this property is not allowed into our subdivision, this property would have to have access from Canada Road, the property would not have to abide by any of Eastshore"s covenants, and the owner could do as he pleased with his property. 

  • Fireworks

Garner Lake's Fireworks will be June 30th this year.  The cost of the fireworks is covered solely through donations.  If you would like to make a donation, you can give your check to any ESHOA Board member or Treasurer, or drop your check off at the Tiger Cleaners located at the intersection of Canada Road and Windward Slope Dr. 

That's it for now.  If you are able, please plan on attending the Annual Membership meeting on Tuesday, 5 Jun.  The meal is a wonderful, and a great way to meet your neighbors, and say hi to long time friends.  We look forward to seeing you all at Club Windward. 

For the ESHOA Board

Isaias Arriaga,


East Shores Homes

Date: 2/22/2018

From: Isaias Arriaga, ESHOA, Pres.

To: East Shores Homeowners

Greetings all.  This will be short, but is important, so please read to the end.

Early Wednesday morning, about 3 am, several resident's security cameras captured images of an intruder, thought not to be from this neighborhood, trespassing in resident's driveways, and observed to be walking close to houses and not on the street.  Later that day, when those residents became aware of the trespassing, Shelby County Sheriff's Office was notified.  They responded with officers, the videos were downloaded and looked at, and patrols were notified and will be increased thoughout the neighborhood at night.  It is suspected that much like the previous vehicle breakins  we had several years ago, the suspect gained entrance to the subdivision on foot from the Seed Tick area, and exited the subdivision in that direction.  It should be noted that the weather in both cases was during extremely rainy conditions, and very early in the morning.

This would be a good time to remember what the SCSO personnel that came to speak to the residents at the General Membership Meeting that following June told us. Some of those reminders would include:

  1. Lock all vehicles, especially if they are outside your garage.  Don't make it easy for someone to remove items from your vehicle.  Additionally, do not leave items in your vehicle, or visible in your vehicle, even if it is parked in your driveway in front of your house.
  1. We all have nice exterior lighting, or landscaping lighting.  Don't let your house be the darkest on the block.  People that don't belong here don't like to operate in the light.
  1. If you see something, hear something, or just think you see or hear something suspicious, call the SCSO.  Their dispatch number is 901-379-7625.  This number is directly to their dispatcher, who can take your information or concerns, and assign it to a patrol car. The Sheriff has told us to not worry or concern ourselves with the fact we don't actually know what we saw, or don't want to wake the entire neighborhood with sirens and lights.  The SCSO has assured us they would much rather respond at that time rather than 12 hours, or even days later.  They have several levels of response, determined by the dispatcher, where the deputies will respond in a very timely manner but not necessarily with lights and sirens.  So you should not concern yourself with those things.  Put that number into your cell phone, and use it where appropriate.
  1. Don't leave items outside that can go missing.  Think bicycles, ladders, etc.  Things that can easily "disappear".  Don't make it easy for you to become a victim.
  1. Be suspicious.  Especially during the day if you are at home.  If the doorbell rings, and you cannot positively identify who is on the other side of the door, don't open it.  Door to door solicitation is not allowed in our neighborhood.  It they are persistent, call a neighbor, call a board member, and remember, it's okay to call the SCSO dispatch to report a suspicious person going door to door, even if it's broad daylight.  Many houses are unoccupied during the day.  Likewise, people claiming to be workmen from MLGW, AT&T, DirecTV, or any other of a myriad of service providers are all required to carry identification.  Don't hesitate to ask them for their ID prior to opening your door.  Especially if you didn't call for the repairman.  Again, if you have any doubt, call a neighbor, a board member, or the SCSO Dispatcher. 

Lastly, while I just said we should be suspicious of strangers, the flip side is we should get to know our neighbors.  More importantly, we should watch out for our neighbors.  Share with your neighbors if you are going out of town for the long weekend, if your adult children will be coming out in your absence, if you are expecting a delivery truck.  It's not being nosey, but simply knowing your neighbors are gone for a week when a big empty panel van shows up and parks in their driveway and they weren't expecting any workmen or deliveries can stop something before it happens. 

Thanks for reading this email.  Please be vigilant, look out for one another, and most of all, be safe.  If there is anything I can do to help you out, or the Board can do to help you out, don't hesitate to respond to this email, or contact any of us personally.

Isaias Arriaga,

ESHOA, Pres.

Date: 10/7/2017

From: Isaias Arriaga, ESHOA President

To: East Shores Homeowners

Greetings all:

I trust everyone is well and enjoying our beautiful fall weather. This communication is to touch base with everyone and to update everyone with some things that have come up since the Annual Membership Meeting held in June of this year.

First of all, our meeting on June 6 was well attended and hopefully those in attendance found it worthwhile to spend the evening with neighbors and friends. A vote was held to elect the 2017-2018 Board, and the following members were elected/agreed to serve on the Board.

  1. Jenny Ellis- Secretary
  2. Shirley Harwell
  3. Julie Tribble-Welcome Committee Chairman
  4. Denny Kopcial- Treasurer
  5. Sheila Mitchell
  6. Isaias Arriaga- President
  7. Tom Mitchell
  8. John Brown-Architectural Committee Chairman
  9. Kevin Raupp
  10. Steve Corbisier- Vice President

These individuals were listed in this order for a reason. These Board members are listed as they reside, beginning from the causeway, proceeding down Loch Meade, and exiting out the Seed Tick gate. The Board members are a cross section of fellow residents, and no matter your address, you are only 2 or 3 houses away from one of the Board members. So if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact any of us. Resident's concerns and recommendations are always brought up at meetings. Additionally, it's not too early to start considering serving as a Board member for future terms.

As many of you know, Garner Lake is experiencing an outbreak of a very fast growing grass/weed that has infested to varying degrees the many coves around the lake and is predominatly on the shore lines. During the summer, with no input from the Eastshores Homeowners Association, the Garner Lake Management Association sprayed a weed killer along the shore line of the lake in an effort to stop the spread of this weed. While it was successful in killing the weed, it did not eradicate it, and the weed quickly reestablished itself. The Garner Lake Management Association has taken a long term effort to combat this weed which will hopefully prove to be more effective. This involves introducing a sterile grass eating carp into the lake. This has proven to be a highly effective way of eradicating this weed in other areas, and is expected to be equally effective in Garner Lake. I've attached the letter sent from the GLMA to all members of their association to explain what they are doing to eradicate this weed.

Speeding cars throughout our neighborhood continue to be a problem. Some of these speeders have been identified as workmen in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, some of these vehicles have been identified as belonging to our residents. I get more calls about this on a monthly basis than anything else. As a reminder, we have no sidewalks, we have blind hills and driveways, and it is normal for our residents to walk in the street. We have bicyclists, young families with strollers, as well as runners and walkers. Our speed limit, agreed to long ago, is posted as 20 mph, and is from one gate throughout the entire subdivision to the other gate. I've had calls from residents stating they have had to jump out of the way of vehicles traveling at excessive speeds. Residents walking their pets have reported they have been nearly run over by speeders. It's been observed that "rubber" has been laid down on the causeway. It might resemble a long, straight drag strip, but again, during the warm weather months, our roads are filled with all types of pedestrians. As we get closer to winter, the days are getting shorter, yet we still have our early morning runners and our residents walking after work, only now it might be in the dark. I'm sure if you are reading this, you are not one of the speeders, or if you are, I ask you to make an effort to comply with this request from your neighbors. But I also know there are many that live under your roof that aren't going to read this communication. So it's up to you to make sure everyone under your roof knows the speed limits and abides by the speed limits. Likewise, when your guests arrive and call from the entrance, please take the time to say, in addition to "come on in", add a quick, "and the speed limit is 20 mph. Thanks."

Regarding those pedestrians, please pick up after yourself, and do not throw trash in the neighborhood. If you observe someone doing this, confront them, or if you don't feel comfortable doing this, please get as much information as you can to help identify the culprits, and notify me or one of the other Board members. Specifically, we are finding a great deal of trash near the Seed Tick gate. And if you own pets, and enjoy walking them through the neighborhood, please pick up after them. Again, many residents complain that they find "presents" left in their yard by other people's pets. Please be considerate of your neighbors and pick up after your pets.

One of our residents brought up to the Board as to whether it would be possible or desired to distribute decals to be attached to the rear of the vehicle. Often we come upon an entrance only to find another vehicle parked in front of the gate, having a problem getting the gate to open. This resident stated it would be easier to know whether a vehicle belonged in the neighborhood if they had a decal, and therefore safe to open the gate for them. Please reply to this email with your thoughts on this.

The Board also discussed, and ultimately decided to keep annual homeowner's dues at $1000 for 2018.

That's it for now. We have several new residents, and I trust we have welcomed them into the neighborhood and are making them feel welcome. This is the time of year when holidays are joyous occasions, decorations are put out, and families are often traveling. Please let your neighbors know if you will be gone, and as we always should do, look out for our neighbors, and report any unusual activity. Remember, as the Shelby County Sheriff has reiterated to us time and time again, it's never a bother or nuisance for them to respond to any suspicious activity. They would much rather respond at the time, than to try to reconstruct something that happened previously, but wasn't reported because we felt it wasn't important, or we weren't sure something was actually happening. And as always, feel free to contact any Board member, or myself, with any of your concerns or ideas.


Isaias Arriaga, ESHOA Board Pres.



Date: 9/15/2018

From: Garner Lake Association Webmaster

To: Garner Lake Association Members



Yesterday( after extensive study)  the GLA, in association with LMA, released 600 sterile grass carp into the coves of the lake.  Each cove got the recommended number.  The grass carp are strictly vegetarians and will eat the grass and weeds that have plagued us this year.

Grass carp are a VERY common, natural, long-term solution to the weed problem and are widely used in southern lakes and ponds with virtually zero negative reports.  Annual spraying is cost prohibitive.  This is a much better and more affordable solution.

These grass carp should not be confused with other species of carp.  They are NOT the carp that leap into boats such as the invasive Asian carp in the Mississippi River.

They will not eat or otherwise disturb or compete with other fish.

They are certified sterile (required by the State of Tennessee) and WILL NOT reproduce.  Therefore, should you happen to catch one (unlikely), it must be returned to the lake immediately.  They are a greenish/yellow color with large scales.  The carp will grow rather quickly.  They may be as large as 5 or 6 pounds by the end of next summer.

If you are treating the weeds in your area yourself, please REFRAIN FROM FURTHER USE OF ANY CHEMICALS to control the weeds.  Let the carp do the work.

Finally, the carp WILL eat fish food such as that spread by automatic feeders.  If you use one of these feeders, we respectfully request that you refrain from doing so, at least until next summer.  The more fish food the carp in your cove consume, the less grass and weeds they remove from your cove.

Thanks to all for your cooperation!


Date: 1/6/2017

From: Isaias Arriaga, ESHOA President

To: East Shores Homeowners

Greetings to all. On behalf of the Eastshores  Homeowners Association Board, we hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season. The many decorated homes added to the holiday spirit. 

While it's been a while since we have communicated with the residents, your Board has not been idle. In an effort to keep the residents informed, we are sending out this newsletter. I hope everyone will take a few moments to read the following.

  1. In calendar year 2016, we have repaired the marina and transferred ownership to the lot owners adjacent to the pier. We have landscaped the Canada Road entrance, replacing dead shrubbery, and look forward to preserving the beautiful drive up to our front gate. We have repaired the front gate house which needed an new roof. We have worked with the city to insure a safe and successful Tour de Lakeland Bike ride in the spring, and had another very successful Fourth of July fireworks display from the causeway. We have welcomed many new residents into our neighborhood.

We have also emphasized to all residents the need for continued vigilance after the vehicle breakins of March. The perpetrators were quickly arrested and are being prosecuted thanks to the outstanding work of the Shelby County Deputies. During our June meeting, the SCSO reiterated residents should not hesitate to call them if they notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. 911 should only be used for emergencies, but please note the Shelby County Sheriff's non emergency number. It is 901-379-7625. They will respond in a timely manner without lights and sirens.

  1. A Board meeting was held in October, and after much discussion, it was decided the annual homeowner's association annual dues would remain $1,000. These monies became due on the first day of the new year, and everyone can expect to see communication from our Treasurer, Denny Kopcial, soon regarding the payment of your dues.
  1. Along those same lines, it's not too early to note on your calendars our annual Homeowner's Association Meeting is scheduled for June 6, 2017 at Club Windward. It's very important for as many residents to attend this meeting as possible. Not only is valuable information passed out, but it's an excellent opportunity for your voices to be heard as to the direction you would like the Board to take in the coming year. Additionally, it's very important we have a quorum present in order to conduct any type of business, including the election of board members to serve for the following twelve months. We will be soliciting names of those that would like to be on the ballot later this spring.
  1. A report from the Architectural Committee stated not all residents are in full compliance with the covenants for the association. Most, if not all of these instances were probably due to nothing more than a homeowners failing to be familiar with the covenants as they pertained to them. When these homeowners were notified, they almost always brought themselves back into compliance in a very timely manner. For this we would like to thank them. A reminder to all that architectural changes need to be approved by the Architectural Committee. A good general rule of thumb is if anything is being done to change the exterior look of one's house or lot, it should be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval. Landscaping, roofs, shutters, exterior painting and fencing are but a few examples of things that should be submitted for approval. It really is a quick and easy process. If your aren't sure, feel free to contact myself or John Brown, the Architectural Committee chairman. We can be reached via email at eastshoreshoa (at)
  1. By far our most expensive association expense, and consequently, the thing we should work hardest to protect, is our road. The association has a plan for major resurfacing of the road in stages and over time in order to maintain the road in good repair. However, it's also become evident that the road has needed patchwork repair at an increasing rate. Do not expect to see any repairs until sometime in the spring. We have identified some ways in which each individual resident can help in preserving our roadway.

A. An increase in road damage was attributed to the new, heavier trash truck that came into use in 2016. We have asked all residents to place their trash cans with wheels against the curb in order to prevent the road damage that is occurring where the road bed meets the curb concrete. We still find residents that are not complying with this request. By placing their trash cans in the street with their wheels against the curb they allow the truck to remain farther out in the road where the roadbed is much stronger.

B. Along those same lines, remember heavy trucks are prohibited from crossing the causeway. If you are having construction done, remember to have those heavy trucks enter and leave via the Seed Tick Entrance. Large trucks may enter the Seed Tick gate but when it's time for them to leave at the end of the day find it easier to continue straight through the subdivision and exit the Canada Road gate. Please remind them to exit using the back gate. If concrete trucks are needed, consider asking them to use the smaller concrete trucks for concrete delivery.

  1. Garner Lake Estates is hosting a forum for all lake HOA's at 2 pm on Sunday, January 22 at the International Harvester Club on Canada Road. Guests will include Lakeland City Manager Jim Atkinson and Economic Development Commission member Alan Johnson. They will speak for about 30 minutes about plans for the areas around the lake, and also update those in attendance about the various projects such as the I-40 Canada Road interchange and other projects throughout the area. This will be followed by a 30 minute question answer session where you can ask them questions you might have.
  1. Lastly, I ask two things. I ask all residents to partake of a very easy, but important survey. I ask all residents to reply to me at if they have used the video function to screen incoming guests at the front gate. If you have not used this in the past 12 months, no need to reply. If, in the last 12 months, you have used the front gate video to screen incoming guests, then a simple yes I have used it, or I use it regularly will suffice. Thank you in advance. 

The second thing is I ask all residents to keep control of their animals.  I get more calls about this by far than any other issue. I realize there may be some animals that are seen in our neighborhood that belong in an other neighborhood. But it's hard to tell whether an animal belongs or not. Additionally, these callers also complain in the same breathe about the droppings of these neighborhood animals that are loose or on leashes. Please be courteous of your neighbors and even if you have control of your pets, please pick up after them when you have them out on your walks.

That's it for now. As always, feel free to contact any of the board members via telephone or via email at eastshoreshoa (at)

Isaias Arriaga