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Garner Lake Management, LLC (GLM) is the non-profit, volunteer organization that owns Garner Lake and operates it for the benefit of lake residents. GLM is responsible for the maintenance and management of Garner Lake, collects the annual fees from property owners, sells the boat stickers, hires the lake rangers, and sets the lake rules. (GLM purchased the lake on 12/29/17 from Lake Management Association, a private for-profit company headed by Terry Edwards.)  

Garner Lake Association (GLA, aka Garner Lake Home Owners Association) is a non-profit organization that owns Garner Lake Management (GLM). GLA is a volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the beauty, safety, and enjoyment of the lake as well as the values of surrounding properties.  GLA volunteers often take on such chores as controlling weed growth in the lake, clearing the lake drain, and alerting government agencies to erosion and pollution. The organization is funded by residents' donations (which are most appreciated). GLA's website is garnerlake.com  

Garner Lake Fireworks is a volunteer association that organizes, promotes, and assembles funds for the annual Fourth of July fireworks & celebration and is active in many other social and lake improvement projects. The fireworks are completely funded by donations.  www.garnerlakefireworks.com is their website and their facebook page that is a good source for lake happenings.  

East Shores Home Owners Association comprises approximately 70 home and property owners of the East Shores subdivision on the northeast shore line.  ESHOA.com is their website, hosting pictures, news, covenants, and concerns of the subdivision.  

The Pointe HOA has a website at hoathepointe.com.  

Lakeland Estates Homeowners Association, or LEHOA, represents the approximately 290 property owners on the northwest shore line and maintains a website at lehoalakelandtn.weebly.com/.  

Windward Slopes Homeowners Association' maintains an active website at windwardslopes.org and a facebook page.  

The Preserve has only ~15 property owners but has a builders' website at thepreservelakeland.com and a HOA facebook page.

Our official lake rangers  are Chris Murphy (901) 486-3296, Brian Hale (901) 229-6744, and Jonny Filsinger (901) 417-1820. 

lakelandlake.com is a website of photography, videos, facts, maps, and history of Garner Lake, created and maintained as a hobby by lake resident, Chip Averwater.  It includes an extensive history of Lakeland Amusement Park and a collection of pictures from the active amusement park.

lakelandpartyq.com organizes the annual Garner Lake BBQ contest and other lake events and donates the proceeds to lake causes. The website offers Garner Lake tshirts, mugs, and other merchandise.

Everything Garner Lake is a facebook page about "lake living, fun events/activities on or around lake, houses for sale on lake, lost boats, Garner Lake Association notices, questions, great photos, and important info. All things Garner Lake!"

This website, ESHOA.com,  belongs to East Shores Home Owners Association. It was created and is maintained by East Shores resident, Chip Averwater: chipav (at) aol.com.


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